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Sakuri by Aio-chan Sakuri by Aio-chan

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Bleh, maybe resubmission will help me get over my funk.

This is pretty much the most recent version of Sakuri; hopefully including the proper font for Metamorpher dialog (I'll find out after it uploads). If you see a grey screen it means DA is still processing the darn thing so you'll have to use the download option to see the text until DA catches up (which seems to take days last time I did this).

When I was going through and re-aligning everything this morning I saw a few phrasings I didn't like. So I might go back and give this another personal edit on top of the one CJJ from FIBP did for me back in October.

Sakuri is mine.
Cover art is Saruke's.
Outro art is Jadine's.

Might add in the novel synopsis later. Right now all I feel like doing is a few quick 'n dirty uploads.


Life as a package courier might not be the most glamorous of lifestyles; but for Sakuri it certainly comes at no shortage of thrills and dealings with the city's underbelly. So when an ex-mob boss requests a delivery through Sakuri's work it appears just to be an average job; right down to the attempt on her life to assure that package isn't delivered.

A stray bullet cracks up the case during the battle, revealing an innocuous gemmed gauntlet within. In order to protect the delivery Sakuri slips it on, only to discover that once attached the device is not so willing to be removed. As she would come to know it by; the Metamorpher becomes the source of Sakuri's future troubles.

Thrusting her into a world that constantly challenges the reality she once knew; Sakuri now contends with both earthly foes and a malefic force heralding from beyond the stars seeking the device for itself. Intentions that have no kind regard for the Metamorpher's host; or those around her.
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June 1, 2012
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