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Birth of a Succubus by Aio-chan Birth of a Succubus by Aio-chan

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10-1-12: Updated with IDs done by Saruke.

Are they not awesome~? <33
The other novel I've completed.

Not quite as heavily edited as Sakuri since this one never cleared the submission phased due know what.

Really would love some proper cover art for it one day but alas I can't throw out a few hundred bucks anytime soon.

Also will edit this later with synopsis.

Birth of a Succubus is mine.
The preview image was done by: [link]


Saint Judecca Academy; the only private high school to be built in the refurbished remains of a massive medieval castle. The Academy provides everything from state of the art classrooms to on campus living for every enrolled student. It also happens to have one of the greatest demons the world has ever known sealed away within its grounds.

When an attempt by six girls to break into an off-limits section of the school literally ends with everything crashing down around them, the demon within is awakened. The demon, known simple as Melchior, grants the six each a special brand known as a Sin Rune in exchange for his freedom. But the Sin Runes are not gifts given in all good faith.

The six learn this the hard way as their world immediately changes for the worse. Other demons of a less charitable nature wish to claim the Sin Runes for themselves and an unnatural hunger takes root within each of the rune bearers; a hunger only satiated by devouring souls. Even this pales in comparison to the secrets still hidden within the school and each of their pasts...
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June 1, 2012
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